Why wouldn’t I?

Over the last week, I’ve seen lots of #WhyIMarch to take ownership of the Women’s March on Washington (Chicago, NYC, and all the other sister marches globally). Every time I considered posting a #WhyIMarch, I realized, that for me at least, I could not put one simple eloquent reason why I joined 250,000 people in downtown Chicago. So here, in a incredibly discombobulated list…here are some reasons (in no specific order) #WhyIMarch

I March because:

  1. No one should dictate where I get my pap smear (#IStandWithPP)
  2. Tampons, pads, and diva cups are not “luxury” items
  3.  Everyone should be able to pee in a public restroom without fear
  4. I should have access to comprehensive health care no matter my income (including safe abortions)
  5. Rape Culture is a THING
  6. Internalized misogyny is a THING
  7. Educators are underpaid and underappreciated
  8. Climate Change is real
  9. Anti-Choice isn’t Pro-Life
  10. Humanity demands Dignity
  11. Journalists have a right to write without fear of federal prosecutions
  12. The elite should be held to the same standards as the rest of us
  13. The United States has great responsibility globally
  14. Isolationism isn’t possible in a globalized world and angering those who have been our greatest allies is BAD policy
  15. Vladimir Putin is an ABSOLUTE, TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING
  16. My government CAN NOT be friendly with a government/leader (Russian/Putin) who has its opposition gunned down in the streets
  17. Sovereignty is key and it must be respected
  18. We are a country of immigrants #NoWallNoBan
  19. My world is starting to look way too similar to a dystopian novel
  20. And finally:

I march because Us/Them mentality is damaging to the ENTIRE society.

Some may disagree with this list. Some may try to discredit my list by calling me a “sore loser”, a “crybaby”, an “attention-seeking millennial”, or asking “What does this white woman know about oppression?”

Here’s my response:

I am an attention-seeking millennial. I am seeking attention for the marginalized, those afraid of what this new administration means for their day-to-day lives. I want to use my whiteness, my privilege, to hold up the voices of those who have been repressed and oppressed for much longer than I.

With everything I have witnessed, everything I have experienced, and everything I know, why wouldn’t I march?